Catamaran VIP day tour

Isla Mujeres on a VIP catamaran tour for foodies

Catamaran Lagoon

Catamaran Lagoon overnighCatamaran Lagoon

Catamaran at Garza Blanca



The open layout of this sailing catamaran provides for an equal amount of shading and sunning for those who seek both.
The living and dining area is ample relaxation space while the separation of crew and guests’ living space provides a high level of privacy.

Whether sailing, fishing, snorkeling, kayaks, or motoring around on a 14’ tender, this vessel comes with a healthy selection of water toys.
Other water gear is available upon request making this boat a fun one to charter.
This luxury catamaran has a complete set of safety and navigation equipment making it suitable for oceanic journeys.

Catamaran Lagoon Catamaran Lagoon

This well-kept vessel will support up to 8 for sleepovers and up to 25 people for day charters.
The wide-open space on this vessel makes it a prime charter for most events and occasions.
A full galley supports chef-prepared dine-in cuisine.

Catamaran Lagoon

Catamaran Lagoon
Catamaran Lagoon

front of Lagoon Catamaran

Layout at Catamaran


25 Person Capacity on a sunset tour.
15 people on a full day with the chef.
8 people to overnight
Snorkeling Gear
Fishing Gear
14ft Tender 15hp Outboard Motor
On-Board Generator and Water Maker

3 days to Holbox

sailing to Holbox map

Lonely beaches near Cancun

Catamaran to rent day tour cancun
Paddle Board

Paddle board and Subwing aboard.

Lagoon Catamaran

Sailing the Caribbean

Lagoon Catamaran

Gourmet food

Lagoon Catamaran Lagoon Catamaran Lagoon Catamaran grill for lobster or rib eye

Grill aboard

live lobster

Live Lobster to lunch

grill aboardchef aboard
wine and lunchLobster lunch on catamaran

Private Tour with chef aboard, perfect for foodies:

Imagine sailing through the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean with the sun shining down on you and the gentle breeze in your hair. With a cocktail in hand and the company of your friends and loved ones, you’ll feel like you’re in paradise.

Book a private catamaran tour today, and experience the beauty of Cancun and Isla Mujeres on one of our stunning clear boats. With a private tour, you’ll have the opportunity to customize your itinerary and visit the destinations that most interest you.

Sunset Tour with drinks

Sail into the sunset with your group of friends and family and toast to the best that the Caribbean has to offer. Our unique clear boats offer a one-of-a-kind experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

Whether you’re looking to relax and soak up the sun or explore the hidden gems of the Caribbean, our boat tours have something for everyone. Join us for a day of adventure and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Snorkel, Paddleboard, and Subwing at the Isla Mujeres

Imagine exploring the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean with a cold drink in your hand and the sun setting on the horizon. With our private boat tours, you can experience the beauty of Cancun and Isla Mujeres in a way that is tailored to your interests and preferences.

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paddleboard cabin lagoon overnight