Bareboat Renting without local crew in Mexico

Bareboat renting in Cancun Isla Mujeres

What happens if you crash with a reef?
You can end up in jail, you will need an attorney and a lot of money.

Do you know that the Mexican Caribbean has many protected areas by National Park Reef?
Cancun Puerto Morelos is one, Isla Mujeres is the other, and Cozumel is a park.

If you came to Cancun in your boat is at your own risk, many people lost boats or have years of legal processes to get back after paying a lot of money,
If you crash a reef, lose the boat and lose many things more. Damage to Reef National Park is a Federal crime.
For this reason, a local skipper is recommended to people who come with your boat to this area.

You can drive and use a sailboat with the captain outside the reef area and the Captain allow you to use it, but and critical places this is not possible

The cruise companies contract a local skipper to drive in this area.  And you didn’t?

Do you know the legal process to get a boat inside the Mexican area?

Bringing a sailboat or yacht to Mexico from the US.
Legal process to sail or yachting with your boat in Mexico.
Where to do Mexican inmigrations with your boat, Tax services, legal services, custom process, cost, documentation needed to cruising to Mexico

bareboat sailboat

If you want to drive a boat, this tour allows you to do it and snorkel at the beautiful National Park.

Jungle tour personal boat 110 x 2 people aboard
bareboat rental
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