Sailboat corporate regattas team-building activities

Sailboat team building
Sailboat Activities for groups

Corporate Team Building activities on the ocean

The corporate regattas are team-building activities in which participants, divided in groups, and assisted by our team of professionals, can enjoy an endless amount of feelings whether it’s in a fleet regatta or a Match Race where boats compete.

We form the crew in a joint team with our captains to coordinate the different roles on board and obtain the maximum performance from the ship.

We organize regattas in Cancun – Isla Mujeres bay. We have an offer for catering options, awards, tent set-up and photographic reports for the event to suit each client, advised always by a team of professionals that adapts the activity and schedules to the client’s needs.

The level of demand, participation and professionalism, in which the race takes place, is decided by the client. The team can crew the ship under the captain’s supervision, or if you prefer, simply relax and enjoy this Team Building activity.

The group is divided and separated into sail boats, each guided by a professional skipper and sailor.

After a brief presentation of the staff and the activity, each skipper takes his group to the sailboat to start with a session or informative class of about 20 minutes which explains, among other things, the safety rules on board, how to use the different instruments, the reason why a sailing ship can navigate and in what directions it can do it.

Each person is then assigned their role during the regatta (the roles can be rotative, so that each participant finishes the activity having performed each of the functions on board).

The starting line is determined by a motor boat and a yellow or red buoy. During the nautical event, refreshments and water are available on board for the participants.

Once the regatta has started, each sailboat should try to be faster than the rest, for that it must choose the right course and complete an optimal trim configuration of the sails always.

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