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Sunseeker Yacht 50ft Cancun Marina

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Our trip sailing the waters just off the Yucatan Peninsula’s northeast coast provides a taste of the excitement and luxury combined with the exploration of beautiful white sand beaches, rich local Mayan history and pristine underwater wilderness unique to the region’s spectacular reefs and atolls. You can get a perfect vacation on most of  Riviera Maya hotels along the coast of the Mexican Caribbean and combine with a few days aboard of our luxury catamarans.
Guests are amazed by the abundant sea life they encounter on this extraordinary vacation. From dolphins, sea turtles and beautiful coral to the amazing whale sharks, this experience is one which will create memories of a lifetime.
For the cost-conscious traveler looking for a convenient escape to paradise, this is the perfect opportunity. Major international airlines, as well as charter airlines, have direct or connecting flights to Cancun every day. Now more than ever Cancun International Airport is easily accessible from almost every major city in the world. From the United States, you can take advantage of extremely affordable, direct flights. Leave your home in the morning and in only a few hours you’ll be enjoying the beautiful waters of the Mexican Caribbean from the bow of our catamaran.
Bilingual crew.
Snorkel gear.
Sodas Beer Water drinks and more.
Tour from 4 hrs to Isla Mujeres or around Cancun area.
There are options of chef aboard, transportation and other amenities.
On any options Yacht goes along of Cancun Coastline or cross to Isla Mujeres and look around, here are many places to stop and swim and snorkel , On same day Captain and you choice better places by wind conditions.
You can stop at a place of Cancun where you can rent a wave-runner or other toys and py only for use of it,  you do from a yacht while all the group enjoy aboard or jump to the water.
We have options for Fly board/ Wave runner / banana-boat / parachute and more.
Suggested places to visit on your yacht.
• Recommend you to visit our famous Islands and relax, ones you get to the Island the snorkel is always a good idea and if its possible, go to a restaurant and try our delicious local food.
• Isla Mujeres  4hrs
• Contoy Island  8 hrs
• Cozumel Island  8 hrs (from Puerto Aventuras)
• Holbox Island   2 days
• Tulum  2 days
Large Charters
For tours to the Cozumel, Contoy and Holbox Island it would be additional charges for fuel and crew, the price will be estimated according to the distance of the destination chosen.
The Contoy Island is a protected national park that has an access fee, this will be paid by the client and must be paid before beginning its charter.
Rent this yacht today and make your own private party, is perfect for
• Anniversaries
• Weddings
• Birthdays
• Bachelor and Bachelorette parties
• Corporate events
• Private Cruises
• Family Vacations
Additional Services:
• Catering: For any special occasion… such as romantic dinner, kids menu, corporate brunch, breakfast, brunch, gourmet meals and more. Our professional chef will take good care of you and your guests.
• On board entertainment: If you want some music, we have a DJ, live band, stand-up comedy and more.
• Professional Photographer
  Type: Motor Yacht
  Capacity: 15 People
It is a requirement of our underwriters that, for every charter booking, we have on file  you can write an email to cancuncd at hotmail . com and confirm your reservation and policy details.
Cancellation policy
Any activity or tour can be canceled with 15 days in the advance notice without any fee or penalty.
We refund thru Paypal and it get a commission for the transfer.
All activities or tours canceled by you with 14 days or less, resulting in a 30% administrative processing fee.
No shows or failure to cancel a tour or activity will result in a 100% charge for the service.
Cancellations must be done by the person that made the reservation.
We do not accept calls or cancellations from other travel providers or a hotel concierge.
This is to protect you from someone canceling your tour or activities .
In the event, an activity or tour is cancelled for authority due to weather conditions and you are unable to reschedule, you will be receive an immediate (in 48 hours or less) 100% refund.